22 March 2015

A busy week....

Hi Everyone,

I was intending to blog a couple of days ago but time has whizzed by with much to do in the garden.  The frog spawn has gone from developing tiny tails to evacuating the spawn...and there is loads of it although the fish are still attacking it with relish in between sunbathing just below the surface in this lovely weather. Yesterday I pulled back some of the netting over the pond and cleared away most of the surface leaves.  I can't take the net off yet as there is still some frog spawn hanging off it.  The pond appears to be very healthy which is good and much clearer than it was.  The fish were swimming about full of the joys of Spring.

 I have also discovered a flaw with my miniature pond.....rain!  After a couple of days of heavy rain I had to bail out some of the water otherwise the frog spawn would have spilled over the top!

The pea and sweet pea seedlings have grown massively and are now sitting proud in toilet roll tubes waiting to be planted out.  The wallflower seeds I collected last year and have sown this year have all taken, hundreds of them so that will be a job for me next week.  The tomato seedlings have grown and been re-potted and the leek seedlings have grown well and also potted up awaiting outside planting. I know I read somewhere that root vegetables don't like being moved but they didn't mind last year.  I have sown a row of red onions, one of white and two rows of shallots and potted up a blackcurrant bush.

I have also sown some globe thistle, zinnias, sweet sultan and aquilegia seeds which appear to be sprouting well. I know it is probably easier to buy plugs or seed tapes, but there is something so satisfying and therapeutic to sow a dried seed in soil, water it and watch it grow....I find it very exciting.

The garden is full of daffodils and brightly coloured primulas. There are buds on the quince and hazelnut trees and the purple aubretia is already tumbling down the walls.

Yesterday I went to B & Q as I needed some ericaceous compost for the blueberry bushes. At the opening to the garden centre there was a stand with drastically reduced house plants, I think they must have known that a) I would be going and b) I can't resist a bargain; so one item turned into nearly a trolley full....well I had to give them a good home!  A couple of them were chrysanthemums so yes Monty Don, I did watch and take note.

Last Monday I went to Wisley, my first time. It was wet a wet and cold day but it didn't dampen my enthusiasm and I loved it, especially the plant centre on the way out!!  I enjoyed the alpine gardens and I will be replicating one of the rockeries in miniature here in the summer.

This morning I was sat in the conservatory having breakfast (the blue tits were busy in and out of their house) and I saw a bee on one of the vertical blinds so I rescued it and put it outside - I'm wondering if it over wintered in there.

Finally....I  will be posting photos in due course -  my poor brain can't cope with too much technology all at once.

Have a good week and happy gardening,