7 April 2015

Exciting Times...

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a lovely Easter gardening in the sunshine in between eating chocolate.  We managed to get quite a bit done this weekend: the front garden has been dug over, a couple of hydrangeas taken out and replaced with ground cover conifers and a lavender from the back garden. I am going to put in a rockery as well at some stage. I also planted a lovely lilac ground cover anemone, sowed some deep red flax seeds and finally planted the hundreds (or so it seemed) wallflowers that have sprung up from the seeds I took last year. I also planted four seedlings labelled unknown so watch this space.

The onions have already started growing and I've mulched then to keep the birds off and the moisture in and the garlic is doing well. Beetroot, parsnip and radish seeds sown and spinach sown in a tub to see how it grows. Seed potatoes have been planted, this is my first time with these and I am growing then in potato bags so fingers crossed. The lawn has had it's first cut, the apple tree has it's first blossom and the plum, pear and cherry have sprouting leaves. Him indoors has erected the runner bean frame so it's all systems go. Everything looks amazing and yes, I know I keep saying it, but I will get some pics on here soon.

The pond has a new pump...I'm glad I wasn't around whilst it was being fitted as I gather he got wet quite a few times!  And talking of the pond....yesterday I noticed that the water lily is sprouting and it has revealed literally thousands of tiny tadpoles resting in the pot just under the water..it was an absolutely amazing sight - isn't nature wonderful!

Have a good week, let's hope it's a sunny one,