9 April 2015

Just to Prove my Garden Does Exist!!!

Hi All,

Hopefully (fingers crossed) I am about to add some pics of my garden.....
Pic 2 is where I have planted four types of onion and there is now beetroot, parsnips and leeks as well.
Pic 3...the daffs and aubretia are just so pretty - not sure the pic does them justice!
Pic 4 is the early peas in the greenhouse...I have planted them outside this morning and also the sweet peas.
Pic 5 is the first bud of apple blossom.
Pic 6...these are the tadpoles before they dispersed into the pond...an absolutely amazing sight!
Pic 7 the sun is shining and the runner bean frame is up and ready

Not so sunny today but I've still been out there for about 5 hours, time does fly when you're enjoying yourself :-)!!

Take care,