13 August 2017

Dorset Garden Diary - The Week of the Tomato

Hi everyone,

We have an abundance of veg this week including tomatoes, chillies, carrots and potatoes. The runner and French beans have rallied a bit but they're not doing what it said on the packet.

Monday - bit chilly for August although the sun did make an appearance at times. I dug up the last two Charlotte potato plants that have finally died off. The spuds were quite big for Charlottes. The first yielded just over a 1lb and the second a whopping 2.5lbs. Really pleased with them. I picked a few of the plums that are ripe then pruned the tree to let in more air to stop the fruit rotting (smaller tree)

Next, I had an aromatic pruning session with the rosemary, lavender and the curry plants. Hours later I still smelt of curry! Planted out more violas in the pond garden bed, a moss rose near the pond
and a Santa Cruz begonia near the cauldron

I then did some deadheading. The bees were following me as if they were watching what I was doing.

Tuesday - cool and cloudy. I picked more plums for the freezer. The top of the garden was Sparrowsville today, they were everywhere - hanging off the feeders, rummaging along the paths and stalking through the cottage garden...great fun to watch.

Wednesday it rained, a good day to go to work and Thursday was warm and sunny - not a good day to be working. When I came home the fish were hungry and another container of tomatoes was waiting to be picked

Friday - started sunny then the rain came in late afternoon. Chilly for August. I picked white radishes (hot and tasty) for lunch and carrots and parsnips for dinner
The parsnips need to grow a bit more but they taste divine. Took tomatoes, carrots and spuds round to next door as we can't eat it all. Picked razzmatazz chillies and hot padron peppers to make oil and maybe chutney

Only fed the fish in the morning and evening today as I put the next dose of pond clear in to get rid of the blanket weed. It appears to be working. I put the pump on for a couple of hours during the week but all it did was stir up the sediment from the bottom.

Saturday - weather looking more promising in time for the weekend. I emptied one of the potato bags and there was 4lb of Duke of Yorks - a much better yield than in the garden

Then I picked peas, runner and French beans and carrots for dinner

And more tomatoes! I replenished the bird feeders and the bird table then pottered, tidying up and deadheading. One of the 'for your eyes only' rose is back in bloom

there are flower buds on the lemon tree

plus the lemon plants grown from seed are coming along nicely in the greenhouse
There's fruit on the olive tree but I doubt they will come to anything
Sunday - warm and sunny today with no wind. Perfect. I went for a walk this morning and spent the afternoon in the garden...but not working! The carrots and parsnips are doing well
there is a tomato plant (with tomatoes on) in one of the flower beds - not intentional
This is looking up the garden from the pond area
and my favourite plant at the moment is the miscanthus (you've probably guessed!) and it's now flowering - stunning
Watched Countryfile this evening for the weather and their graphics crashed. Anyway, it looks changeable, still warm at the beginning of the week then becoming cooler. Have a good gardening week and catch up next weekend.
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