13 May 2018

Dorset Garden Diary - The Veg is Growing and a Visit from the Heron

Hi everyone,

The temperature has nearly halved this week, some nights it's only been 5C 41F and the daytime temperature hasn't got past 15C 59F compared to 25C 77F last weekend - Bank holiday Monday was a scorcher.

I put in the second sowing of the peas, French and runner beans although the first sowings haven't been that successful...I sowed six of each and I have one of each growing
(the French bean was shy and moved out of the way when I took the pic!)
I put the tomatoes (gardeners' delight and red cherry) in the grow bags. There is one bag in the greenhouse and another in one of the cold frames outdoors (the outdoor cucumbers will go in there as well) and I'll see which grows best)

I spent about three hours weeding the front and back gardens, I can't believe how the weeds have grown after all that rain and a couple of hot days.

Wednesday - and we had an early morning visitor
I know...another heron pic, but it is magnificent!

It was very chilly today and I was wishing I hadn't put my winter clothes away. I received a reply back from the RSPB regarding the head banging blue tit. Apparently, it thinks it's reflection is a rival and so it keeps trying to attack it. The solution, if it keeps going to the same place, is to put something behind the glass to stop the reflection. But I can't because it works it's way around the outside of the greenhouse. This is the first year I've seen this behaviour so I am thinking that it must be one of last year's brood. Isn't it amazing that it recognises what it looks like even though it doesn't have the capacity to realise it's looking at itself.

Sunday - I haven't had an opportunity to get out in the garden since Wednesday apart from feeding the fish and the birds and to open and shut the greenhouse and cold frames. Today it was warmer but windy so there was still a chill in the air. There hasn't been any activity in and out of the blue tit nesting box this week so I'm wondering if they've fledged.

I tied up the sweet peas and re-potted marigolds and poppies from the greenhouse - not sure we need more poppies but they were one of my unknowns. In the greenhouse the chillies, cucumbers and courgettes and carrots are coming along nicely

In the garden the sunflower needs planting out
In the pots the alstroemeria has come into flower
one of the azaleas
the geum

and the yellow poppies are in abundance

the arch is looking amazing with the clematis on top and the wisteria winding it's way up the sides

And in the garden the spuds are coming along

I'm pleased the dahlia in the cottage garden survived the icy winter
there is some colour in the cottage garden
the aquilegias are re-seeding everywhere
the border by the greenhouse has suddenly sprung to life
the plums are starting to grow
and...after three years we have our first gooseberry forming...yay!!! Although sadly, one gooseberry does not a crumble make.
I discovered this in my 'wait until it grows to see what it is' section...pretty
And finally, something has been sleeping on the daffodil leaves

That's it for this week. Looks like we're in for another chilly night tonight, Tuesday's looking like a warm day then it cools again until the weekend. No rain in sight so looks like it's going to be a busy week watering. Have a good gardening week...



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