6 May 2018

Dorset Garden Diary - A Hot and Sunny Bank Holiday!

Hi everyone

Unusually, we are having a hot and sunny bank holiday...it's probably going to be the hottest on record so far. Wednesday was torrential rain for the morning but it's been sunny since.

We went to the garden centre on Wednesday because I'd forgotten to buy cucumber seeds (!) and I needed more carrot seeds on tapes. We also bought grow bags for the tomatoes and another bag of peat free compost.

Thursday I sowed the cucumbers, I've bought three types - beth alpha and passandra F1 for the greenhouse and Jogger F1 for outside growing. I did some weeding and him indoors assembled the cucumber frame in the greenhouse and put one grow bag in the greenhouse for the tomatoes and another in one of the cold frames, I'll see how well the tomatoes grow outside.

Friday - I went out in the car this morning and I saw a kestrel with a mouse in it's mouth. It was flying about 6/7 feet above the road for 50 or so yards then veered off towards some gardens. Amazing. We had a visit from the heron this morning,

the sparrows were in abundance all over the garden (having dirt baths where I've planted my seeds!) and the head-butting blue tit was back. I thinned out the beetroot and spinach beet and tied up the sweet peas. There seems to be a lot of weeds in the garden this year, especially tall grass so we gave it all a good dose of strong weedkiller. Him indoors mowed the lawn and checked out the back where the big compost bin is.

Saturday - I thinned out and replanted the mixed salad leaves, kale and rocket and did some more weeding then watered the greenhouse n the evening.

Sunday - I didn't do everything that was on my list because it took me ages to try and clear the back beds. There area lot of thorns and loads of weeds and other things that I haven't seen before that are taking over and choking the plants and shrubs I planted. I started to try and pull them out but it was obvious it would take forever so I sprayed parts of the area with weedkiller, taking care not to spray the plants. These are pics after an hour's work!

 I also sprayed the front drive as weeds have appeared in the cracks over the past few days.

The fish have been active today and are eating well again. I've started putting then pond clear in to help clear the water and get rid of any blanket weed.

and this is the pond seating area

There's been a casualty of the Beast from the East, we have lost the miniature lupin so I'll have to replace it..

The Charlottes and Pentland Javelin have started to appear

The onions and garlic are thriving
in the greenhouse we have one pea, two French beans and two courgettes showing

and we have unknowns growing (I think they may be poppies)
and talking of poppies
And elsewhere in he garden one of the azaleas is in bud ready to flower
The lilac is looking amazing
the arabis by the pond is suddenly in full flower
and the blossom has opened on the quince tree

It's great to see the garden coming to life. Last job of the day was to water the pots and the veg. The weather for the week ahead is hotter tomorrow then cooling down and much needed rain by mid week. Have a good gardening week and enjoy the rest of the lovely weather.

Actually, before I go...a pic of my home baked wholemeal nut and poppy seed artisan bread - I think it's going to be a tear and share!



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