15 July 2018

Dorset Garden Diary - Still no Rain but the Garden is Coping

Hi everyone,

Week seven without rain. We've been away for a few days so last Sunday evening was spent soaking the veg gardens and the small flower borders and on Monday morning I topped up the pond and the bird baths. I watered all the pots and him indoors moved some of the more vulnerable ones into the shade.

The sweet peas on the trellis haven't survived the drought despite watering. We grow them there to  keep the sun off the side of the greenhouse so him indoors put netting over the trellis instead

and also on the windows of the pottering shed to diffuse the hot sun as I've hung the garlic and onions in there to dry

In the greenhouse I soaked the pots and left a large container of water in there to hopefully keep the air moist and it seems to have paid off
razzmatazz chillies

plenty of flowers but not many cucumbers on beth alpha (like last year)

whereas the passandra cucumbers are doing well
In the veg beds the dwarf French beans are filling out
and for the weekend, Charlottes (still some more to dig up)
and beetroot
The assorted phlox I ordered arrived yesterday (thankfully not while we were away).
I can't put them in the garden until we get some rain so I've potted them up.
Yesterday I topped up the pond again and watered the greenhouse, the veg beds and the pots. I'd forgotten to top up the bird feeders before we went away and when we got back, the birds were staring at me indignantly!
I pruned the new growth by half on the plum tree (needs to be done while the leaves are still on it). There are still plenty of unripe plums so fingers crossed if we have some rain they can still be salvaged.
Watched the Countryfile weather forecast this evening and there is some rain around next week but it's a bit hit and miss...I can but hope! Have a good week.
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