29 April 2018

Dorset Garden Diary - In Just One Week...

Hi everyone,

I've been away all week and Mr & Mrs Digga senior have been in charge. They've had a lovely sunny week apart from Friday so there was plenty of watering to be done..

The garden has filled out since last weekend, the most notable thing being that most of the blossom on the fruit trees has been replaced by leaves and everything is looking greener and fresher

Early clematis is flowering over the arch and on the back fence

the quince tree has buds
the lilac is in flower
hazelnut leaves
the lupin has doubled in size

the yellow alyssum under the apple tree has also doubled in size and flowered

the lilies have survived the squirrel rooting around in their pots over the winter

the names of these escapes me - pretty though

 and the sedum

In the greenhouse the unknowns are coming along nicely
and so are the tomatoes, chillies and peppers

Today it's been cold and cloudy. I've been out put in the carrot and spring onions seed tapes, sowed radish white icicle, coriander, mustard and cress and more sunflowers velvet queen as the snails have been at them. I also planted out the maris piper main crop...I've put half in a bag and half in the garden so we'll see which grows and crops the best.

Whilst I was digging over the soil for the carrots and spring onions I came across a couple of the walnuts the squirrel buried in the autumn and two of them have started to sprout a root and grow so I've put them in pots and fingers crossed...

Well that's it for this week. To quote the weatherman 'the week gets off to a horrible start but improves as it goes on'...couldn't have put it better myself. At least it's going to warm up in a few days, it could be close to freezing this evening!

Have a good gardening week and catch up next Sunday.



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