27 November 2017

Dorset Garden Diary - It's Been a Quiet November

Hi everyone,

November's been a mixed month here in Dorset. We've had some frost but mainly it's been mild and wet and very windy at times but that looks set to change as a cold front is coming in this week.

We now have a daily visit from a young squirrel and the sparrows are feeding well and emptying the feeders. Over the last week the fish have been eating less but are still active. And...this morning I looked out of the back window and the heron was sitting on the back fence
The seagulls were none too happy and started to dive bomb it. A couple of hours later it was in next door's garden peering into their pond!

The onions and garlic I planted at the beginning of the month are growing well, the onions may be too well for this time of the year but I've been assured they will stop when the weather gets colder.

The plants in the greenhouse are doing well. The olive tree has more olives on it

And the poppies and sweet pea seeds have sprouted and in the black pot at the back are the lemon verbena cuttings which have taken
Three of the garlic bulbs I grew this year have started to sprout so I've planted them...we'll see what happens

And after not doing much in the summer the fennel has now decided to grow

Him indoors mowed the lawn yesterday, probably for the last time this year, and we still have some colour in the garden thanks to the milder days

This morning I put more pond clear solution into the pond, it's definitely looking clearer and I also sprinkled coffee grounds over the flower and veg beds to give them some nutrition and hopefully in the next week I can dig in some of our own compost.
Well that's it for now, catch up before Christmas.
Kind regards,
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