23 September 2018

Dorset Garden Diary - Can't Believe It's Nearly October

Hi everyone,

Just back from a couple of weeks in Madeira and a bit of a shock to the system leaving 78-82F (25-27C) and coming back to 57F (14C)...and rain.

It appears that once again the garden hasn't missed me but more surprisingly, neither have the cucumbers, chillies and tomatoes in the greenhouse. I gave them all a good water before we went, stripped off most of the leaves and left a bowl of water in the greenhouse to keep it humid. One cucumber is growing and there are more in flower

I picked all the chillies before we went away
and these have grown since
and the tomatoes just keep on coming
The outside tomatoes have rallied as well despite the cool temperatures
The fish are happy with a full pond again (I topped it up before we went away as the level had gone down quite a bit) after all the rain we've had over the past couple of days
Apparently it's been really windy - one of the covers on the outside table has been torn
and the goji berry has collapsed onto one of the buddleias so I'll have to untangle it next week
The two dwarf buddleias are in flower - I will need to prune those soon

the tall grass in the cottage garden now has it's flowery feathers
the daphne has come into flower
and there are plenty of buds on the lemon tree
and despite nearly being blown down the sunflowers are persisting

I have been worried about the bird of paradise plant I'd bought a couple of weeks before we went away as I didn't want to lose it, but it appears to have survived and is looking healthy
I took this photo in the hotel grounds in Madeira - hopefully this is what it's going to look like when it flowers

Although it's been chilly this weekend, apart from a couple of cold nights at the beginning of the week the temperature is going to rise again and it looks like we're in for a warm and sunny week - that'll make the weeds grow!



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