1 October 2017

Dorset Garden Diary - Autumn is Creeping In

Evening everyone,

It's been damp and muggy most of the week which was fine because we haven't had much time to get out in the garden, but we still achieved quite a bit.

Early Monday morning the garden was full with swathes of sparrows and our blue tits were in the apple tree. Plus we had collared doves, two magpies and a squirrel rooting through the pots.

Tuesday was productive; we created two bug houses - winter bookings now being taken!

We dug up a small tree that wasn't doing anything and planted the apple tree that I've grown from seed (no idea what sort)
If this and our original 'non-fruiting so far' tree pollinate each other it will be interesting to see what type of apple we get.

We put metal frames over the newly-planted onions as the birds keep pulling them up and him indoors pruned and tied back the climbing roses.

The flowers on the lemon tree are delicate
the lily has appeared at the top of the garden again. I keep forgetting about it so it's a nice surprise
and the garden definitely has an autumnal look about it

Saturday started sunny-ish then gradually clouded and over and just as I'd finished for the day the rain came! I was up early and took down the remaining cucumber plants as they aren't producing anymore, removed the tomato grow bags then washed and disinfected the inside ready for over-wintering plants
I put the lemon plants grown from seed back in there together with the jasmine, mimosa and the bougainvillea which I notice has come into flower - yes!!
I planted out the freebie daffodil bulbs. One of the neighbours must have a walnut tree because everywhere I dug I found walnuts the squirrels have buried!

In the cottage garden I discovered these dahlias growing
and in the top garden the yellow snowball buddleia is in flower
it looks similar to the lantana huff.

The Ena Harkness rose him indoors pruned back has a flower on it - stunning
and the lettuce seeds I scattered a couple of weeks ago are growing well (Webbs)
That's it for this week. Watched Countryfile this evening and the weather for the coming week is sun and showers and getting slightly cooler. We have workmen in next week, I'm making myself scarce and him indoors is in charge so catch up in a couple of weeks.



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