21 May 2018

Dorset Garden Diary - Sunshine All The Way

Hi everyone,

We were away for the weekend so there was plenty to do beforehand. The week has been warm and sunny with no rain so I had to make sure the garden had a good soaking.

During the week I topped up the pond as the level had dipped, although the tadpoles didn't seem to mind

I potted up the padron peppers and the razzmatazz chillies, earthed up the charlotte potatoes in the bags and the pentland and maris pipers in the garden
The garlic and onions are doing well, I've planted the carrots next to them to hopefully keep the carrot fly away and the kale is inbetween the rows to stop the pigeons eating them - so far it's working.

On Wednesday one of the blue tits went into the nesting box so hopefully there are chicks in there and earlier in the day the heron did a majestic glide past. And of course, the sparrows and blackbirds are everywhere.

On Thursday morning when I went to feed the fish one of the terracotta pots had been knocked over by something - maybe the squirrel searching for walnuts it buried last autumn! I topped up the cauldron pond and removed the duck weed, mowed the lawn, earthed up the spuds again, potted on the courgettes and dwarf runner bean into growing bags

put netting around the cane wigwams in one of the veg beds and planted the runner and french beans seedlings that had grown, the rest didn't take so I've sown more seeds.

I planted the sunflower in front of the climbing roses in the top bed...and talking of climbing roses, we have buds
and we have buds on one of the pot roses

New in flower this week are:
the ladybird poppy
unknown (actually I do know but the name escapes me at the moment!) in the pond alpine garden

lily of the valley I planted a couple of years ago
the plant that I grew from a cutting that came off in my hand when I stopped by it!
miniature viola growing on the path, it's about two inches high and gorgeous
in the bed by the patio the yellow poppies are mingling with the red and white azaleas
and taken this morning, a close up of the white and yellow, I think it's stunning

And, as you are all aware, I have a thing about trees and had to take a pic of this one - love the shape and colour.

So that's it for this week. The weather forecast is for more of the same with maybe a shower today or tomorrow so it looks like I'll be out watering this week. Enjoy the sun and catch up next week.



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