17 March 2019

Dorset Garden Diary - March Winds and the Seedlings are Growing

Hi everyone,

It's been a blustery couple of weeks being battered by strong winds. Storm Gareth stripped felt off one of the sheds
thankfully that has been the only casualty. At one point the torrential rain was being blown horizontally across the garden.
But today it is calmer and sunny albeit colder but I'm not complaining. There hasn't been much opportunity to get out in the garden because it's been too wet but the seedlings have put on a spurt - courgettes and tomato Marmande
 echinacea and poppies

 leeks and organic corn salad
 stocks, lemongrass, tomato Alicante, zinnias and antohi peppers
 little gem lettuce and kale
Despite the weather, the garden is flourishing - honeysuckle on the arch near the cottage garden
The fruit trees are all coming into leaf (except the plum) - quince
 Morello cherry
 aubretia looking a delight in the cottage garden
 and in the bed at the back of the greenhouse
primroses and primulas

 and the garlic and mixed onions. The fennel (on the right) is just getting past it's best now.
It's all starting to get busy and there are more seeds to sow at the end of the month and in April. The weather for the week ahead is calm and dry - perfect for him indoors fixing the felt back on the shed roof!
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