30 March 2015

Things Starting to Happen....

Hi Fellow Gardeners,

It's been a quiet-ish week in the garden for me as in limbo where planting and seedlings are concerned.  Growing rapidly are the peas and sweet peas so they will be planted out at the weekend. The zinnia's, leeks, tomatoes are sprouting well and the peppers, aquilegia and snap dragons have broken through at long last.  Today I have sown some more globe thistle and zinnia and also some Japanese squash.

I have been away for a couple of days and on Saturday, before I went, I checked and watered the greenhouse.  I have a Japanese Maple in there as we have a south west facing garden with not much to stop the blowing through the garden and the Maple doesn't like the wind, shedding it's leaves astonishingly quickly last year. Anyway, on Saturday I noticed that there were leaf buds on it so I'm glad it is growing again. And when I checked this morning - well - it is covered in sprouting leaves all over an inch long - result!

A big disappointment has been the micro greens which have struggled to grow so I'll have to start again which is a shame as I thought they would be easy.

But most of my week has centred around the pond and my obsession with the fish and the every-changing frog spawn.  On Saturday the spawn was spreading out and loosing it's solid form and this morning when I checked most of it has disappeared so no doubt there will be tadpoles swimming around and dodging the fish soon. The cauldron pond is flourishing...I had to take some water out of it on Saturday as heavy rain was forecast and I didn't want it overflowing. Incidentally...heavy rain was forecast here today but where is it???

The daffodils look stunning, contrasting with the purple aubretia. Also, the pussy willow is developing on the bigger of the two trees. 

The compost doesn't seem to be composting as well as I would like so I'll have to rethink that. I am considering a wormery though so if anyone has any suggestion....

There is much to do over Easter and thankfully I will have some assistance from him indoors!

Have a good week, enjoy your hot cross buns and Easter eggs and catch up next week.

Happy gardening,