17 December 2016

Dorset Garden Diary - Onions, Garlic and Greenhouse Seedlings Doing Well

Hi everyone,

I'm posting the blog early this week as there are various pre-Christmas festivities this weekend. I can't believe we're nearing the end of another year. Either time is going faster or I'm getting slower.

Monday - mild and damp all day. I fed the fish then secured the netting tighter over the pond as it was beginning to dip in the water again. There were a couple of squirrels flirting, playing hide and seek and annoying the pigeons and magpies in next door's tree and the sparrows, robins and blackbirds were active in the morning.

Tuesday - today was dull, damp and dark. Two weeks ago the pond was frozen over...the temperature today was 13C 55F! I checked the compost tumblers, they are coming on nicely, and spun them a few times to mix the contents. Whilst I was sat in traffic this morning, I looked up and saw two rooks snuggling up together on top of a lamp post...cosy.

Wednesday - there was an amazing sunrise this morning followed by a pleasant day. I fed the fish which are enjoying the milder weather and lazily swimming around near the surface. In the greenhouse I pinched out the tops of the sweet peas down to two sets of leaves

Potted up the lupin seedlings (back) and a couple of seedlings from seeds I acquired from a lovely red flower that, as usual, I have no idea what it is
and the calendula seedlings are doing well.

I raked the fallen leaves off the lawn and swept the paths, I now have another bag of leaves composting. I dug up the celeriac and, as I suspected, the bulbs haven't developed, just long roots - shame as the tops appeared healthy.
But, on the bright side, I did find some spring onions (they had a very strong taste) and there is more fennel growing

The winter jasmine is coming on

The union troy onions in both the garden and in the trough are doing well

but there is no sign yet of the yellow moon shallots.

The greenhouse garlic and the outside garlic are thriving

One positive of the milder, damp weather is that the lawn is looking lush
And here's a couple of pics of the garden, not looking too bad considering the time of year

Thursday - a dismal day with spits of rain. Even the birds were in hiding, only the fish were enjoying the weather. I checked the small burrow in the cottage garden and still no sign of activity. Did I say a few spits of rain? At 2 o'clock the heavens opened and we had torrential rain for most of the afternoon.

Friday - the fish were about early, I went back out to take a pic and just as I pressed the button most of them dived for cover - typical.

In the garden a couple of the primulas are flowering
 and the cottage garden grasses are still looking stunning

I still have to tidy up the cottage garden and start planning the rockery and another job on the list is to tidy up the pottering shed

That's it for this week. The week ahead looks like it's staying mild for the time of year which is good for the plants but not very Christmassy. Hope your week isn't too hectic with the seasons  preparations and catch up next Friday.



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