27 August 2018

Dorset Garden Diary - Can't Believe It's Nearly September

Hi everyone,

Hard to believe we're on the road to autumn...where did the summer go? Over the past couple of weeks it's been warm but not so humid and we've had a couple of good downpours to start replenishing the garden after the drought. It's also been quite windy over the past few days.

The sparrows, blue tits and blackbirds have disappeared from the garden leaving just the magpies, pigeons and doves. Him indoors discovered something has been burrowing under the back fence again, probably a fox as the gap was too small for a badger. The fish have been surfacing more frequently and we've been feeding them 3-4 times a day. The other day he counted between 30-40!

We've been tidying up the garden - I wish the plants and veg grew as quickly as the weeds - and him indoors pulled out some of the oxygenating weed from the pond that was taking over. The cauldron pond isn't doing too well so it will have to have a makeover in the autumn.

I came across this geranium that I saved last year...it is happy and rewarding me well
The radishes appear to have got out of hand, impressive but inedible unfortunately
And...drum roll...there are three lemons growing. They probably won't develop into full blown fruit but hey, still impressive
Yesterday I picked French and runner beans, a pepper and plums
The veg beds are getting a bit sparse now but the second sowing of beetroot is coming on and the perpetual spinach is getting it's second wind
and the fennel and kale are coming along. The carrots are still a bit hit and miss though
In the greenhouse the padron and razzmatazz chillies are turning a lovely shade of fiery red
and the indoor and outdoor cucumbers are still producing

The pond garden is looking colourful with the rudbeckia
and the grasses in the cottage garden never fail to delight

That's it for this week. The forecast for the coming week is, and I quote, 'summer is returning'. Hope so.



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